About Us

With a history dating back to the dawn of the 20th century, and forged by the fiery culture of eastern Venezuela, Crispín Patiño has grown apace with its city of origin, the sunny Cumaná, absorbing its varied colourful nuances, and becoming itself a defining cultural emblem of the city.

The creative contributions of each succeeding generation has enriched the company and expanded its original vision, while still remaining faithful to the core traditions of the past.

The development of the Crispín Patiño product line has evolved by stages, through constant trial and error. The skills and knowledge gained are now fully expressed in a product of supreme quality, deeply rooted in the traditions of the local society.

Every cigar Crispín Patiño makes is indeed a reflection of history, the one built by the people who calls this place home, and, as an inevitably consequence, also shares a bit of the manners and customs that define them, making the smoke a real living experience able to transport you to a dreamlike tropical landscape of marshlands, jungle, sea and sun. Undoubtely, each hand-crafted cigar in our stock is an evocation of the soul and passion of this very special region of Venezuela.