Lancero Superior


Approximate Measurements:
Length: 175mm/6,89''
Ring Gauge: 36

Presentation: Box of 25 cigars.
The harvest of the Paria's Peninsula southeastern coast invites to singular trip of flavours that, in this special vitola, will be able to show itself at its fullest, with the due space to properly let the sensations evolve and naturally surface, with a fantastic draw that will allow you to enjoy the cigar from the very beginning to its end. The production techniques, faithful to the craftman tradition revered at the factory, will guarantee as always a controlled combustion and a beautiful, still strong, construction, honoring the expectatives that this historical format use to arise. A thin 'Connecticut' wrap brought from Ecuador finishes a sublime work, providing a silky texture and a blatantly seductive bouquet which will catch hearts from the very opening of the box.