Robusto Superior Petaca


Approximate Measurements:
Length: 130mm/5,12''
Ring Gauge [Cepo]: 50

Presentation: Petaca of 5 cigars.
A practical presentation, suited perfectly for a friends' meeting or just to tune up the humidor's stock. Comfortable and light, it transmits perfectly the personality of this series, signed by a twist of leaves harvested especially on the southeastern coast of the Paria peninsula. Soft in its strength, it will let you discover surprising nuances alongside subtle notes of nuts, mint and wood, with a controlled combustion and that masterful shot, which is only obtained with the participation of expert hands at the core of the manufacture process. A thin 'Connecticut' layer brought from Ecuador finishes a sublime work, providing a silky texture and a seductive bouquet that will catch hearts from the very opening of the box.


By Volker Noelting on