Shipping charges

All purchases made through are subject to a flat fee that covers the shipping of the item purchased, and will be delivered within 48 hours (excluding holidays) anywhere in Venezuela. All shipping is carried out by third-party service providers under the supervision of DDR systems, C.A. acting as commercial intermediaries for Fábrica de Tabaco Bermúdez.

All shipping charges will be displayed during the purchase process so that the customer can accept the charges prior to the completion of payment.

Purchases may be delivered to the customer's location, or to the closest depot of the selected courier. The latter option will apply in the following circumstances:

  1. If the contracted shipping providers cannot delivery to the address provided, the customer will be contacted as soon as possible to arrange an alternate delivery address, thereby preventing any further delays during shipping.
  2. If external factors such as weather, infrastructure failures, etc. prevent the delivery agent reaching the specified address.
  3. If the specified address does not have a mailbox to store the purchased goods securely.
  4. If the delivery of the purchased goods is otherwise impeded due to building access restrictions.

International shipments will incur additional transportation charges depending on the destination specified by buyer. International shipments may also be subject to other charges that may or may not be under the control of DDR systems, C.A. The customer will be notified and asked to approve the cost prior to the purchase, either by telephone or email.

International shipments are subject to the legislation applicable in the country of destination. At all times the purchaser will be responsible for any specific requirements in the country of origin to ensure a timely delivery of the purchased goods, as well as the payment of any local tariffs that may be applicable during shipment. DDR systems, C.A., acting as commercial intermediaries for Fábrica de Tabaco Bermúdez, limits its liability to the effective delivery of the purchased goods to the location specified by the buyer.

DDR systems, C.A., acting as commercial intermediaries for Fábrica de Tabaco Bermúdez, is not obliged in any way to contract a specific shipping company for the delivery of goods purchased at